Crocodile Snap Mini Game by Orchard Toys

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Crocodile Snap Mini Game by Orchard Toys

Ages 3-8


Crocodile Snap Mini Game by Orchard Toys

Ages 3-8

This travel game features a fun twist on the traditional game of snap!

  • Perfect travel game
  • Small, compact and portable


32 animal cards

Setting up

The cards are shu ed and dealt, face down, to all the players.

How to play

  • The first player places their top card, face up, in front of them.
  • Each player then takes turns to do the same, keeping their piles seperate from each other.
  • If you spot two matching cards shout ‘Snap!’ and collect both of the piles with matching cards on top. Add these cards to the bottom of your pile.
  • If you spot two crocodiles, you must keep quiet, but ‘snap’ your arms together instead. The first player to do this gets to collect all the face up cards to add to their pile.
  • When you have played your last card you are out of the game.

The winner is the last player with cards in play. 

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard.

Material used: All cardboard used for games, puzzles and packaging is 100% recycled. The paper used in printing is sourced from sustainable forests and coated with a water-based varnish. Every Orchard item is manufactured in the UK.

Box Size: 15 x 14 x 2.0 cm

Ideal for:

  • Develops Matching and Memory Skills
  • Encourages Observational Skills
  • Develops Personal and Social Skills


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