Barefoot male mouse by Barbara Sansoni 55cm H

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Barefoot Extra Large Male Mouse by Barbara Sansoni

size 55cm H


Barefoot extra large male mouse by Barbara Sansoni 

Approx. H 55cm

An exclusive design by Barefoot

This is for the large male mouse similar to what you see in the image.

They are so therapeutic to hold these mice. The are finished off with underpants and clothes are beautifully embroidered on as well.

Separate sizes of other mice are available as well

For those who have not heard of Barefoot, it was founded by a lady by the name of Barbara  Sansoni, who created the Barefoot Concept out of need for a rehabilitation program for your Sir Lankin women who had limited schooling and skills in 1958.

All toys are handmade to perfection and are all individual in a sense because the colour of each toy varies from one to another.

Material: 100% handwoven fabric
100% handmade
100% natural fibers
Swiss dyes used and they are non toxic
echo friendly
can be hand washed

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