Funky Earrings in Glass & Metal in Blue Tones by Cristalida

303 Blue .125Kg
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Funky Earrings in Glass & Metal in Blue Tones by Cristalida


Delicate hand-painted glass hoops in plain colors. Minimalistic and modern.

Combine them with our Tempo necklaces, made of hand-painted glass in full colors.

  • Materials: Glass and surgical steel.
  • Centerpiece size: 1.8 cm. in diameter.

About Cristalida:

"By fused glass technique applied to innovative designs, we transform the glass into unique and original pieces, hand made by our master craftsmen. Combining natural materials like glass, leather, wood, chamois, metals and stones we create handmade accessories of contemporary design. The pieces are hand painted, along with the application in order to achieve an excellent finish technology, we have made the brand reach international quality standards, being highly valued in competitive international markets."

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