Galt Alphabet Puzzles 26 x 2pcs  3+

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Galt Alphabet Puzzles 26 x 2pcs 3+


  • 26 colourful puzzles to encourage letter recognition and matching skills.

  • Each 2-piece puzzle features a picture to match to its initial letter and word.

  • Only the correct pieces will fit together.

Step by step guide

  • Match the pictures and letters. Talk about the picture.
  • Point to the letter, sound it (a is for apple, b is for butterfly,etc.) and encourage the child to repeat it. Point to the picture,say the word, emphasising the beginning sound.
  • Pick out four letters and their matching pictures, and mix them up. Encourage your child to match the puzzles and say the letter and the word as they do this. Gradually increase the number of puzzles as your child gains confidence.
  • Share out the pieces between you. See how many puzzles you can each make then swap pieces until all the puzzles are complete.
  • Try picking out cards with the first letter of your child's name and th names of family and friends.
  • Pick out four puzzles and encourage your child to make up a story about them.
  • When your child can recognise all the letters of the alphabet,place the cards in sequence to encourage the learning of alphabetical order.


Galt manufacture quality educational resources for the classroom and home. Their range extends from baby activity toys to activity CDs and games, puzzles and construction resources. Each Galt product focuses on important developmental areas such as fine motor and cognitive development. The products are beautifully illustrated and engage young children.

PS Packaging colour is slightly different.

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