Aztec Aqua Pouch Mini ... waterproof - for beach, pool, park and play!

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Aztec Aqua Pouch Mini ... waterproof - for beach, pool, park and play!


Toys. We love them! But keeping them tidy, all in one place or taking them out and about - that poses problems... unless there is an Aqua Pouch involved! This waterproof bag is perfect for the beach, pool and great for vacation!

Spread the Mini Play Pouch out for play on the table or floor and all the bits and pieces stay together. When it is time to pack away, just pull on the rope and in a jiffy you've gathered everything neatly into the Mini Play Pouch.

Hang it up at home for simple, stylish storage. Choose one in each colour for keeping toys sorted. Compact enough that little children will happily carry it and big enough to hold a great collection of toys, the Mini Play Pouch is sure to be a family favourite. 


  • Waterproof with a zip pocket and shoulder strap!
  • Zip pocket is great for hard to find treasures and valuables.
  • 70cm diameter when open, plus edge strip.

Great for:

  • School
  • swimming bag

Awesome Gift idea for:

  • Birthday's
  • Christening
  • Baby

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