MOE MOE Signature Layered Small Moon Stud Earrings

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MOE MOE Signature Layered Small Moon Stud Earrings


MOE MOE Signature Layered Small Moon Stud Earrings

Moe Moe is a "stop you in your tracks” innovation in jewellery design made in Australia. 

The combinations are endless with this little cutie! Our trademark Reversitile™ design concept means you can reverse the printed or gold plated silver alloy tiles to show their plain brushed silver side - scroll across through the product imagery to see all the different combinations you can create!    

Grab one of our Restyle Packs for endless style options! You can wear your earrings on our longer drop hooks, small drop hooks or hoops; all sterling silver of course! You can even mix and match the metal shapes with other Moe Moe pieces in your collection!  

  • very shiny gold and glossy black
  • dainty yet quirky, these studs are a Moe Moe cult favourite  
  • reversible silver alloy with mirror-like gold or black on one side, and sleek brushed silver on the other - wear the panels layered or separately  
  • gold plated sterling silver posts and butterfly backs sterling silver  
  • 1.5cm long x 2cm wide  
  • 1.1 grams each  
  • Australian Made on the Gold Coast 

All Moe Moe earrings are lovingly designed from start to finish in our Gold Coast studio for you by our team. Emma who is easily distracted by shiny objects (Owner/Designer), Erica the organiser-er (Production), Alisha who does a bit of everything (Brand), Ash the chatterbox (Sales) and Mick our factory guy (but we make him vote anyway) all contribute to the creation of each earring by wearing, product testing, drawing, building and cutting each design until it’s just right. We hope you love the transformable pieces we have designed for you to seamlessly style from outfit to outfit with ease! Moe Moe Design is the capsule wardrobe of earrings: flip them to plain silver, swap your studs to hooks, or stack other Moe Moe pieces together to build something special for any outfit! 
So get Reversitile™ - Flip, Swap or Stack your earrings to embrace the unique design concept that is Moe Moe!

  • They curate a selection of beautiful art work onto metal pieces to create a stunning range of jewellery using sterling silver components. 
  • All earring hooks, posts andchains are 925 sterling silver
  • To personaliseyour look and match your mood, slip your earring pendant of the hook to create the look that’s right for you. Wear patterns side showing or reverse for matte silver

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