Vulli Sophie La Giraffe ~ The Giraffe ~ Baby Teether

Vulli Sophie La Giraffe ~ The Giraffe ~ Baby Teether

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Vulli Sophie La Giraffe ~ The Giraffe ~ Baby Teether

  • Soft and nobbly parts to soothe baby's sore gums
  • Easy to grip - even for small hands
  • Long legs for entire gum chewing or hard to reach molars
  • All natural food paint
  • Dark spots provide visual stimulation for babies
  • Squeaks when pressed to stimulate baby hearing
It stimulates the 5 senses...


At the age of 3 months, a baby’s eyesight is still limited and they can only make out high contrasts. The dark and contrasting attention-catching spots all over Sophie la Girafe’s® body provide visual stimulation and she soon becomes a familiar and reassuring object for your baby.


Sophie la Girafe’s® squeaker keeps your baby amused and stimulates their hearing. To begin with, the funny sound she makes when squeezed helps to stimulate their hearing, and then later, helps them understand the link between cause and effect.


The singular scent of natural rubber from the Hevea tree makes Sophie la Girafe® very special and easy for your baby to identify amid all their other toys.

How did Sophie La Giraffe came along.......

One day in France, a certain Monsieur RAMPEAU, who was an expert in transforming the latex from the HEVEA tree using the rotational moulding of rubber as a toy-making concept, came up with the idea of designing a giraffe. Such an exotic wildlife figure would be a first on the market, and its size and shape would be ideal for a baby's small hand to grasp.


Made of 100% natural rubber and food-grade paints, she is completely safe to chew. Sophie la Girafe® is akin to the nipple of a feeding-bottle. Her soft texture and numerous chewable parts (ears, horns, legs), makes her perfect for soothing your baby’s sore gums during teething.


Touch is the first means a baby has to communicate with the outside world. Sophie la Girafe's® soft feel stimulates physiological and emotional responses that soothe your baby and promote healthy growth and well-being.


Sophie la Girafe® is perfect for your baby’s small hands, thanks to her shape and size. She is very light and only 18cm tall. Her long legs and neck make it easy for your baby to grip, even from their earliest days.

How do you clean Sophie...

  • Simply wipe her surface with a damp cloth. It's as easy as that!
  • Do not boil, sterilise, soak, place direct sun, or in dishwasher.


Sophie la Girafe®, who looked exactly the same as she does today, went into production on Thursday May the 25th 1961

To this day, Sophie la Girafe® is still "traditionally" produced, a process that involves more than 14 manual operations.

She is made from 100% natural rubber derived from the latex of the Hevea tree.

How is Sophie Made...

A TOY MADE FROM 100% NATURAL RUBBER....The latex from the Hevea tree was first processed in 1928 using the vulcanization technique invented by Mr. Charles Goodyear.

The rubber used by Vulli comes exclusively from the Hevea trees growing in Malaysia. Each morning before the heat of the day settles in, the milky liquid that oozes from the cells beneath the bark is collected from these millions of Hevea trees. This liquid is known as "latex”.

Latex is natural, soft, elastic, waterproof, insulating and pleasant to smell and touch.

To create the little wonder that is Sophie la Girafe®, Vulli first heats the latex using a special process involving a technique called "rotomoulding” and then performs a series of 14 manual operations.

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