Mini Dolls Pram by moover ~ Red

Dolls Pram by moover (danish design toys) ~ Red


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Dolls Pram by moover (danish design toys) ~ Red


This mini version of Moover Toys’ Dolls Pram is just so cute and is the perfect gift for any occassion. Dolls, teddies and figurines will be put to bed and cared for again and again.

The Mini Dolls Pram is as strong and sturdy as its bigger counterpart and its smaller size makes it a very portable toy to take in the car, on holidays or out to dinner.

It is made from high quality plywood and has solid timber wheels with rubber tyres and will last for a very long time.

This gorgeous pram is everything a little girl could wish for. It is pretty, has room for either big or small dolls, is easy to push and it is sturdy. It is a joy to touch and look at and the longevity of the pram ensured by the high quality production.

This moover pram is both classic & modern in its design with focus on what children like to see, touch and play with. The high quality gives the child optimum playing conditions. The doll's pram is suitable for big & small dolls.

The doll's pram is made of high-quality high veneer and supplied with massive wooden wheels with rubber tyres.The back is made of one piece go moulded thin veneer. It is delivered assembled ready for use

Designed by Kare Tofte


  • The Dolls Pram itself is made from birch veneer plywood and the rubber lined wheels are solid timber. It comes fully assembled, ready to use. 
  • The Mini Dolls Pram measures 21cm(L) x 22cm(H) x 13cm(W).
  • Please note the Dolls Pram is not intended as a walker. 
  • Comes assembled in a lovely gift box.
  • Ideal for both boys & girls
  • Home situation
  • Family Day Care
  • Day Care
  • Playgroups
  • Kindergarden
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