Match Up Game & Puzzle, Learn to count Fire Rescue by Peaceable Kingdom

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Fire Rescue Match Up Game & Puzzle, Learn to count


  • Art by Ashley Wolff


  • 1-4 players
  • plays in 10-20 minutes
  • 2 levels of play and a puzzle



  • 24 3 1/2" x 5" durable game cards
  • 24-piece puzzle
  • Instructions for 2 levels of play
  • Parent learning prompts


Learning Skills:

  • Visual memory
  • Counting
  • Taking turns


What to do:

Play a matching game, build a puzzle, or do both! Vibrant illustrations encourage color and dinosaur recognition and building a giant puzzle adds to the fun. With three different levels of play Match Up games are perfect for all ages


Face Up Match Up

For the youngest players, mix the cards and place them face up on a table or smooth surface. Say a number or say a number and an item together and let the child or children find the pair and pick them up. For example, "Can you find the ladders?” or "the 4 ladders?” With two or more children, have the children take turns, work together, or compete to find all the pairs.

Memory Match Up

For a more challenging game, mix the cards and place them face down on a table or smooth surface. Try to make a match by turning over two cards of the same picture. If you do not make a match, turn the cards face down in the same place in the game. It is now the next person’s turn. If you make a match, your play continues and you can try to find another pair. Take turns until all of the cards have been matched. 


Parents, use these games as teaching tools. As the cards are picked up, have the child say the number, count the objects, or count up to that number beginning at 1. 

Why families love this item:


For a super challenge, construct a fun puzzle with all 24 cards! Place the cards puzzle-side up on a table or smooth surface and watch this scene come to life. Puzzle solution on back. 

Make learning numbers and colors fun! There is the perfect theme for everyone in the family. The compact box makes this a terrific take-along item.

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